Marketing IQ Test

This I.Q test applies to any existing company, product or service presently in existence or could still be done for a potential company or start-up.

In the event that you are considering starting a company or offering a new service or product, answer the following questions as if you
are already in business.

Please check off the most correct answer. You must answer each question to get the best possible score. Print this page and fax it to (727) 499-6758 and a Yada Yada staff member will grade and go over your score with you.
1. What is your product or service?

2. Are there many competitors involved in the industry you are in?

A. Yes, there are many.
B. There are very few.
C. I am not aware of any.
D. I do not know.

3. Do you have competitors who have a better product or service offer?

A. Yes, there are several.
B. There are none that I can think of.
C. I am not sure.

4. How much do you know about the past sales history of your product or service?

A. I know a significant amount about the industry history as concerns sales of my offer.
B. I have a passable understanding.
C. I know little about the history of my product or Services.

5. Have you read or personally done any market research surveys about your product or service?

A. I read the existing market research about our product/service.
B. I have done or overseen a market research survey on our product/service.
C. I have not read or done market research on my product or service.

6. If you have done market research surveys, what is mostly true?

A. We only did surveys that found out who our best possible customers were.
B. We only did surveys about what our customers want from our offers.
C. We did both A & B above.
D. I am not aware of any such research.

7. Can you describe, in detail, the age, typical living area, income, gender and general interests of your customer?

A. I am very aware of the above traits in our customers.
B. I know basic information about our customers.
C. I have some information about my customer type, but not sure about the information.

8. Can you name 3 qualities about your product or service which your customers like?

A. I know more than 3.
B. I know 3 qualities my customers like.
C. I can name 1 or 2 qualities.
D. I am not sure.

9. When you promote your service or product, do you try to describe it by comparing it to similar items (example: I.Q. test with a picture of Einstein)?

A. I have never heard of such a thing.
B. Yes, we use the following person or thing to help us describe our offer (name item)
C. We don’t believe it is needed with our offer.

10. When you look at your ads or promotional material, in how many seconds do you get your MAIN SELLING MESSAGE across?     A. 1-5 seconds.
B. 6-10 seconds.
C. Takes a couple of minutes for the customer to figure out.
D. We don’t have a specific promotional message.

11. When you look at your ads or promotional material, what message do you use to create “want” in your customer?

A. We really don’t have a specific message like that.
B. We have a specific message, theme or offer that creates customer “want”.

12. When looking at your ads or promotional material, does the design…?

A. impinge on the customer and directs his/her attention.
B. provide a general feeling about your offer.
C. entertain and amuse the customer.

13. Do you market broadly to the general public or do you focus on a specific audience?

A. Broad promotional audience.
B. Focused and specific audience.

14. Which of these questions does your current ad or promotional material answer (check off the ones that apply)?

I. What is the service or product?
II. How valuable is it?
III. What does it do?
IV. How easy is it for me to do, use, wear or consume?
V. How much does it cost?
VI. How do I get it?
VII. Where do I get it?

15. When designing your marketing campaign (introductory offer pricing), how much do you think about the actual sales process (how hard or easy do you make it for your sales people)?

A. Marketing is marketing and sales is different, so we don’t consider sales to any degree.
B. We will get some feedback from sales after the the ad is complete.
C. Sales input is very important, particularly getting input on what offer pricing should be.

16. What promotional medium do you use the most (check off the types of promotions among these: radio, TV, telemarketing, newspapers, magazine, flyers, direct mail or none) and how would you rate the effectiveness?







Direct mail


A. Any money we pay for advertising we make back or make more.
B. We don’t keep track of exact results.
C. We don’t make back the money we invest in advertising but we do get new customers.

17. What are your thoughts about sending the same ad or promotion to the same audience?

A. You should really only send the same promotional piece to the same audience once.
B. You should promote multiple times using the same ad to the same audience.
C. If an ad works initially, you should use it constantly for an unlimited period to the same audience.

18. When you design a marketing campaign, how much do you think about product supply or ability to provide service?

A. When you promote you concern yourself only with how much business you drive in, not on supply
B. We review supplies of product and/or the ability to deliver our service before making ad placement plans and designing a campaign.

19. How are you tracking direct responses for your advertising?

A. We monitor exactly how many calls, email responses, letters, orders, etc. we gain from each ad or promotion we do.
B. We look at our general revenue increases monthly or quarterly to see if income has increased and attribute income growth or reduction to the various ads or promotions we are running during that time.
C. We don’t presently track promotional results.

20. Once you get brand new customers in from one product or service promotion, how many other different products or services do you then promote to these customers?

A. One new product or service.
B. No additional offers.
C. Two or more new, different offers.

21. Do you gain customer testimonials and use them in your promotion?

A. Not at all.
B. We gain testimonials for sales purposes only.
C. We gain testimonials for sales purposes and to place ads.

Thanks for your answers. Call us at (800) 920-1985 to go over them with us once you have faxed the answers in.