Q-What services do you provide exactly?
A-We do surveys and market research to find out how you can make your product or offer successful. Click here to find out more.

Q-How much do you charge?
A-You have to have some kind of reasonable marketing budget. We make a custom marketing program for every client

Q-I had some marketing research done before and I wasn’t thrilled with it. How are you guys different?

A-We are LIGHT YEARS different and ahead of any other survey market research company in existence today. Click here and read the article to see exactly how we can make this claim

Q-What is involved in a survey and what will I get out of it?
A-The survey steps alone of the market research consists of 121 separate marketing actions done in sequence over a 3 week period on average , and includes individual interviews with actual people as web based questions and tabulation and is actually 3 separate surveys. We do not use “Focus Groups”, which are often dead wrong in producing actual useful marketing data. You will be presented with a final report after this is done which will identify for you the following:

  • Price points needed for market penetration- How much people would REALLY be willing to pay.
  • “Hot Buttons” that will make people interested in your offer
  • If your product/service is missing key features that would make it more marketable
  • How you should make your ads (with an example ad) that people would respond to
  • How to communicate to your customers in all your advertising at THEIR level which will GUARANTEE a HUGE increase in response. This will affect all advertising and your website
  • The places where you should advertise, or NOT advertise, whether on the online or offline world
  • The key search terms REAL people would use to try to find you, which is invaluable for search engine advertising and optimization efforts
  • How to put this all together to achieve a great campaign that will bring in great response and maximize your ROI.

How we are different:

We have a new kind of marketing. It is results driven. It is ROI driven. We are not here to waste your time. The questions for your surveys, the tabulation of the responses, and the interviews are all done by “A” team marketing experts, with years of marketing experience in the online and offline worlds. 4 of our staff members have all created their own companies and are experienced entrepreneurs themselves. You won’t have the “A” team selling you a survey/marketing campaign with a “C” team to deliver it, like you find at a lot of advertising agencies and big market research firms.

Q-Can you help me with my advertising also?
A-Yes. We have experienced Media buyers on staff, along with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising experts.

We can make all your email ads and with a unique relationship with a major email marketing company, can get your email advertisements to millions of internet users. We can also do market testing to help you streamline the best advertisements and make sure they are going to produce well for you before they are “rolled out”

Find out more about how you can take your business to the next level. Contact us now at (800) 920-1985.