Exponential Roi Increases

Exponential ROI

How do you achieve it?

You want your advertising to pay off.

You want to spend as little as possible and get as much as possible for your advertising.

You want to have the best product and offer out there, with people throwing money at you and more orders than you can handle.

What is the answer?

Exponentially increasing your ROI.

The poor returns many companies experience with advertising are sometimes used as an excuse not to advertise or to reduce advertising expenditures, which is definately not the answer if you are going to take your company or business to the next level.

Advertising should never be done if you haven’t done your marketing homework.

Lets back up a bit. Many people and most companies usually start from the product/offer and then try to find the market for it, and use market research to find what the market share is for that market. Many entrepreneurs get the “big idea” and use the ready, fire, aim approach.

This accounts for many of the failures of marketing and advertising, and results in poor ROI. About 5 percent of the time it is very successful, and the other 95 percent of the time it is less than stellar in terms of real world results.

The correct way is to identify the MARKET first, then design your product carefully for that market.

That is marketing 101, and many mistakes are made by not following the above formula, but how do you get from there to truly stellar marketing that produces amazing results?

If we could put all the secrets in this article we would, but with all the real world marketing and internet marketing expertise of our staff, it would fill several books, and you just wouldn’t have the time to read it.

We have made MILLIONS for our clients with what we know about real world marketing and internet marketing so we know what we are talking about. We will give you some case studies at the bottom of this article but lets get back for the moment to your product, your company, your offer.

So you think you have the next paper clip, the next wheel, the next Microsoft?

How do you know?

That is the most important question you need to ask yourself. How do you know it is great?

Because you “just know” what people want? Because your wife told you she loves it?

Because you had someone who wanted to invest money in it?

Because some of your friends or employees said they liked it?

How do you know that people want what you have, and how do you know what they would really pay for it?

If you are confident about the above, where should you advertise? Some products do LOUSY by email advertising but great in the search engines. Some products do terrible on the internet but great at Wal-Martâ„¢ How do you know the BEST place to find potential buyers?

What should the advertisements say to bring people flocking to your door? What are the “hot buttons” that will drive them to respond and seek you out, instead of moving on?

In other words, what is in the mind of your customer that you could use to get them to respond? What are they really thinking? What will push the “go” buttons and get them to give you their money?

If you don’t have these answers exponential ROI just isn’t possible. If you do have them you have a very good chance.

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