What is the importance of market research?

I have been asked to outline the importance of market research and how it impacts the company. need to give examples What companies have done market research and what has the impact of that been? Market research can save lots of money, if done effectively. Of course not all acquisitions […] Read more »

How can I take part in Market Research?

I am interested in taking part in market research, mainly where I can ‘freebies’ or rewards for doing so. Any idea where to start? Thanks in advance! To make sure you find reputable companies, you might want to start with industry organizations like Quirks, MRA (Marketing Research Association), Blue Book.org, […] Read more »

How do you conduct market research?

I am looking in to building an online business and allot of references tell you to conduct market research but I don’t know how to. My business would revolve around making youtube videos and making money through affiliate marketing. Step1 Identify your research goal. Ask yourself if do you need […] Read more »

Can sociology be related to market research?

I have just graduated from univeristy with a major in Sociology. I’m currently trying look for a permanent job which I hope can be related to Sociology. I’m looking at positions for market research and was wondering how can I convince the company that a Sociology graduate can be considered […] Read more »